Rama Insurance offers a bunch of insurance products that have not been included in others. Our policies like Burglary/theft and billboard damage make sure that you are covered for the least expected damages too.



  Billboard Insurance

Billboards and neon signs are an important communication tool used by business people or companies to deliver and spread messages to the target market. However, incase it falls or collapses, it can cause severe economic problems and losses such as vehicle damage, bodily injury and death of road users who are struck by them. Therefore the need for this insurance.

Insurance includes:

Loss or Damage

Loss or damage to Neon Sign, Billboard and Videotron property or any part thereof caused by an event or disadvantage where the Neon Sign, Billboard and Videotron property is determined in a position at a certain location. Indemnification under this insurance policy must be limited to the actual costs to replace and/or repair the damage, or the actual value of the property at the time of the incident. Losses or damages that are less valuable for the purpose of compensation is considered not to exceed the current value as determined.

Third Party’s Liability

All amounts for which the Insured will be legally responsible for paying:

Insurance excludes:

Further information about excluded risks is as stated in the policy provisions.

Who needs this insurance?

Companies engaged in the industry of goods & services that use/have Neon Sign, Billboards and Videotron as promotional media.

  Burglary And Theft

This insurance provides protection in the form of compensation of loss or damage to valuables as a result of burglary which are also accompanied by acts of violence or coercion.

Insurance includes:

Types of Money Insurance:

Who needs this insurance?

Bank, shops, shopping center, gas station, toll road management, money delivery company.

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